Most expensive cities in the UK for dating

The capital topped the list with an average spend of £70 on a first date

Most expensive cities for dating

When you're trying to impress on a first date, spending a little extra money on them isn't unusual, but do you know just how much you spend on average on a date?

Whether you're going out for a meal, hitting the cinema or having a night out on the town, a first date can go from cheap to pricey very quickly.

It appears you can put a price on love, as Paym have revealed the average first date costs more than £50 and can be even higher, depending where you are in the country.

The top 10 most expensive cities to go on a first date are:

1. London £70

2. Liverpool £60

3. Norwich £56

4. Edinburgh £55

5. Cardiff £48

6. Newcastle £48

7. Belfast £47

8. Southampton £47

9. Manchester £45

10. Bristol £43

Unsurprisingly, London has topped the list for the most expensive first date destination. The capital is known for its high property prices and therefore increased cost of living in general.

It seems those in the Midlands are least in favour of flashing the cash - with daters in Birmingham spending the least on a first date, coughing up only £41.

Somewhat surprisingly it's the younger generation who are spending the most on their romantic nights out, with 18-34 year olds spending £63 on average. Meanwhile the least extravagant age group are those aged 55-and-over who spend £40 on average.

It was also revealed that 61% of those asked prefer to pay their way or split the cost of the date while on the other hand, one in 10 said they expected the other person to pay.

It looks like true love really does last a lifetime and so does chivalry, with 43% of those polled who are married or in a civil partnership treating their partners on date nights and covering the whole bill.

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