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Do I have to use a contactless debit card?

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Dear Fixer,

My NatWest debit card recently ran out, and when I applied for a new one it arrived as a contactless card.

I do not trust contactless technology and would never use it, so I do not want a contactless card.

Can banks force us to have contactless cards or can we refuse to use them and demand a traditional debit card instead?

F Hopkins, Milton Keynes

Dear Mr Hopkins,

NatWest now issues contactless debit cards as standard. However, you can request not to have a contactless debit card if you would prefer.

To do this, call telephone banking or go into a NatWest branch and request a replacement contact-only debit card.

Once you receive this, you can then destroy your existing card and use the contact-only one instead.

The Fixer

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