The device that zaps you for overspending

Perfect for those who love splashing cash

This Device Will Zap You For Overspending

Do you have a problem with overspending? Sometimes it can be difficult to stop yourself from splurging on long-awaited items or to spend more on something for convenience rather than waiting for it to go down in price or looking somewhere else for a cheaper option.

If you struggle with splashing cash then Intelligent Environments have come up with a perfect, but rather painful, solution. It helps track your spending, and connects your real bank account to smart devices such as a 'Pavlok'.

The Pavlok delivers a small electric shock when you go over your spending limit. According to the website, The Pavlok is the 'first device that breaks habits by deleting temptation'.

But this isn't only a short-term solution, the mind will associate the zap with your bad spending habits and therefore train your brain to stop enjoying the feeling of spending, solving your overspending habit!

Dan Webber, Managing Director of Intelligent Environments, says: "Contact lists, smartphones, direct debit, standing orders - money is virtually invisible."

He added: "Our platform allows you to set a spending limit in your bank account and it enables you to decide how you want to be notified when you pass that limit."

Another option is the Nest Thermostat which automatically lowers your heating to save you money.

It may be a little more aggressive than other money saving platforms but no pain, no financial gain!

This could be especially useful for those young professionals who may be spending a little more than their salary allows them.

According to Intelligent Environments, a third of millennials are too scared to even take a look at their bank account.

Save money on shopping

Save money on shopping