This could be the UK's luckiest lottery family

Family win £1 million on the lottery - after two previous lottery wins

Lottery family

Peter and Mary Fry - and their three daughters - have picked up an incredible £1 million win on the National Lottery. For 90-year-old Peter and 86-year-old Mary this seems like enough luck to help them spend the rest of their retirement in luxury. However, this isn't the only time the family has found themselves favoured by lottery luck.

Less than a year ago, their daughter Margaret took home a lottery raffle prize of £20,000 and in 2010, Peter's cousin Annette Brown (82) won £1.15 million on the lottery.

Peter and Mary, from Bo'ness picked up their giant cheque this week, with their daughters Margaret (64), Janet (59) and Isobel (57). They play as a family each week - playing five lines between them.

They were initially unaware of just how much they had won, as they told reporters that the till operator told Peter he had won a 'wee bit of money' so it was too much to pay out in store, He went home, and the family called Camelot - at which point they realised just how lucky they had been.

Won again

They have been hailed as the luckiest Lottery family in the UK, but there's some competition for that particular title. There are the Euromillions winners who scooped enormous multi-million pound wins - including Colin and Chris Weir from Largs, who won an astonishing £161 million in 2011.

Then there are a surprising number of people who have won more than once:

1. David and Kathleen Long won £1 million in 2013 - and then did it again in 2015 (when they got a dream car thrown in for good measure). The Scunthorpe couple got married after the first win, and decided to treat themselves to a Honeymoon after the second one.

2. Stuart Powell has also won the lottery twice. The lorry driver from Featherstone in Staffordshire won £55,000 in 2011, and then won a £1 million jackpot four years later. Just in case that wasn't lucky enough, the second win came after the shop worker entered him into the wrong draw by mistake.

3. Jane and Alan Slater from the Isle of Wight, meanwhile, won twice in the same draw - with the same numbers. Back in 2015, they each bought a ticket for the draw using their usual numbers, and they both scooped £300,000.

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Biggest UK lottery winners

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