This is the single biggest retailer rip-off

Are all bargains as good as they appear?

The Single Biggest Retailer Rip-Off

If there's one thing that is hard for a shopper to resist, online or in store, it's a bargain. After all who wouldn't want to buy something for 20%, 30% or even 50% off?

But that's where the problem lies, what does the discount really mean? 50% off what?

Shops often use phrases such as 'recommended retail price' to define this, but it's still not clear what the savings actually are. Pricing is often used as a technique to create the illusion of a sale, and you can often find two items for sale at the same price - with one of them claiming to be a special sale price.

It's impossible to know which price is correct and what the original price should actually be, but it shows that shopping around can save you cash!

So what are you supposed to do as a consumer? Don't fall for these sales techniques, and shop around before committing to any discounts.

Doing an online search is also always a worthwhile exercise. Quickly check whether you can find the same item online for less, it should only take a minute and it could save you a lot.

The bottom line is, if you're a shopper that loves a bargain then you need to make sure that you're getting one!

Shopping: when spending more isn't always better

Shopping: when spending more isn't always better