Woman finds doppelganger while shopping on Amazon

Katie spotted Paula on a review for hair dye

Woman Discovers Her Doppelganger While Shopping on Amazon

While these two women might look like identical twins or even sisters, they're not even related and until recently they were total strangers.

Katie Morrow spotted Paula on an Amazon review for a hair colour, she says: "I saw her review with a picture and I thought she kind of looked like me so I showed all of my friends and family."

She wanted their opinion on what the hair colour would look like on her, but was met with confusion because they all already thought the picture was of Katie.

Paula travelled all the way from Atlanta to Conneticut to meet Katie, her doppelganger.

She said: "We found so many other similarities, like foods that we like and we like the same bands - the smallest things, the weirdest things that we might have in common, we have in common!"

The two women instantly connected and became friends, even Paula's boyfriend was surprised by their strong resemblance.

Paula said: "Katie is definitely my twin stranger and I really feel like I've made a friend."

TwinStrangers.com introduced Paula and Katie and they are determined to help people all over the world find their lookalike doppelgangers.

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