Couple win two supercars in the space of seven months

Mercedes delivered this week

Lakshmi Thurairatnam celebrating her win.

An Epsom woman has won a £95,000 Mercedes SUV - just months after her husband won a £125,000 McLaren in the same supercar competition.

Recruitment director Lakshmi Thurairatnam was inspired to enter the Best of the Best (BOTB) spot-the-ball competition after her husband Prash, a practice manager of a health centre, won a McLaren 540C last year.

But she didn't expect to win. "It's so difficult - you know, the pixels, just getting it to the right point," she says. "So it's just, like, 'oh do it, and what happens, happens.'"

Lakshmi was just about to give her one-year-old son Reuben a bath when she got the news that she'd won the Mercedes GLE63-S AMG Coupe - along with £10,000 in cash and her fuel paid for for a year.

"I can't believe it - such gorgeous cars, Mercs," she says.

The BOTB contest costs £16 to enter, with a supercar going to one lucky winner every week. So far, the company's handed over more than £17 million worth of luxury cars.

The Thurairatnams have been extremely fortunate - or extremely skilful - to win the competition twice. But some have had even greater luck, with several people in the US having taken home enormous sums after winning the lottery more than once.

Back in 2014, for example, Indianapolis man Robert Hamilton won two $1 million prizes in the space of only three months. Constance Carpenito, too, picked up two $1 million prizes - although the second, last year, came 20 years after the first.

And just a couple of weeks ago, North Carolina woman Gina Short, who's currently receiving chemotherapy for breast cancer, won $173,000 - just a few months after netting $1 million in a different lottery.

Here in the UK, Mike McDermott, a 50-year-old electrician from Gosport in Hampshire, won two separate prizes - £194,501 and £121,157 - using the same numbers each time. Both times he matched five numbers and the bonus ball.

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