Public asked to nominate 'tightest' friend for competition

You could be in line for a host of freebies!

Public asked to nominate 'tightest' friend for competition

Are you a scrimper and saver who hates to spend money on unnecessary things? Well, your friends might think you're a bit of a cheapskate, but your thrifty ways could soon earn you (and them) some cash!

Freebie Supermarket is calling on members of the public to nominate their 'tightest friend' for their first ever 'Freebie Quality Checker'.

The lucky prize winner will earn themselves and their nominee £500 per month, as well as the freebies they're reviewing. The job runs for six months, so these top quality frugal shoppers will be £3,000 up by the end!

This doesn't all come for free however, the winner will have to review the site's selection of freebies and determine whether or not they are a quality product.

If the items aren't deemed to be of good enough quality then it will be removed and replaced with another.

Freebie Supermarket will send the winner a selection of freebies each week to review, and the nominating party won't be left out of the prizes, they will be sent at least 10 freebies every month too!

The difference between thrifty and cheap

As Stefanie O'Connell points out in her column, The Frugal Shopper, there is a fine line between being cheap and being frugal.

She says: "Being cheap is about spending less; being frugal is about prioritising your spending so that you can have more of the things you really care about."

How to enter

Members of the public need to nominate their cheapest friend by 23rd May 2016, along with an instance in which they've been particularly stingy. You can find more information and nominate your mates here

The application must include the overly thrifty friend's email address so they can be contacted if they successfully secure the position.

Chris Shepherd, founder of Freebie Supermarket said: "We all have friends or know someone who is 'tight' with their money, whether that means they'd cross the road for a dropped penny, always mysteriously go to the toilet when it comes to their round or they refuse to tip at a restaurant!

"We want to hear about it all – and the more shocking or funny the behaviour, the better."

The website will publish the funniest examples on their blog, two weeks after the closing date!

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