Burger King opens a spa at one Finnish outlet

Unusual options offered by fast food outlets around the world

MOSCOW - APRIL 29: The logo of the fast food chain "Burger King", April 29, 2014, Moscow, Russia. Burger King is a global chain

Saunas are a big part of Finnish culture, and one branch of Burger King has decided to embrace the tradition. One of the Helsinki franchises has opened spa facilities, with saunas, steam rooms and a shower.

One of the saunas seats 15 people, but is expected to be so popular that if you want to visit, you'll have to make a reservation. A separate 10-person sauna features a 48-inch TV, and if the heat gets too much, there are media lounges with a 55-inch TV and PlayStation 4 area.

Burgers are served throughout.

Unusual fast food options

The Burger King franchises around the world are allowed flexibility in order to adapt to the local culture. It has resulted in some interesting menu items. In Japan it recently offered a Kuro Burger - featuring squid ink black buns and black cheese. And in the US in March it sold the 'angriest' burger, in a red bun with chillies and hot sauce.

Similarly McDonald's offers some interesting options around world. Earlier this year it launched fries with chocolate sauce in Japan. It also offers the giant Mega Mac there - with almost three times the meat of the Big Mac. A few years ago it launched Mega Fries too, the size of two portions of fries.

In Tokyo it launched a fine dining restaurant for one night only in 2015. The menu was a take on the typical McDonald's menu, and the experience came complete with table service, cutlery and tablecloths.

The owners of one Sydney franchise gave cutlery and crockery a trial run in 2013, although after five weeks of washing plates and serving tables, fast food and paper boxes regained their appeal.

Burger King Opens A Spa At One Of Its Locations In Finland