Minnie Driver speaks out over property battle

"I have definitely lost my cool, I have never been that angry with another human being."

EXCLUSIVE: Minnie Driver Speaks Out on Nasty Property Battle With Neighbors

British actress Minnie Driver's bitter property feud with her next door neighbour has gone viral, and now she's spoken publicly about the incident.

She told Entertainment Tonight: "I have definitely lost my cool, I have never been that angry with another human being."

The dispute comes after Driver's neighbours, Daniel and Mary Lou Perelmutter, say the actress has made it purposely difficult for them to complete the renovation of their home.

Driver and the Perelmutters share a driveway and gate and Perelmutter is suing claiming that Driver changed the code to the gate, blocked vehicles from entering and tried to run him down with her BMW.

The Good Will Hunting star described the allegations against her as 'agregious'.

Although these sort of property disputes may happen regularly, Minnie says her seven-year-old son is now terrified of the 74-year-old man living next door.

She said: "Henry's scared to come back to the house. He sleeps in my bed and we lock the door."

She went on to say that Perelmutter had blown smoke in her son's face as well as her nephew and niece and had openly sworn in front of the children too.

Perelmutter also claims the actress smashed baby food jars filled with black paint against the walls of his property, another claim which Driver flatly denies.

She said: "I would not stoop to breaking the law or vandalism of any kind."

Footage has also been revealed which was taken by Driver's nanny. The video shows the driveway blocked with construction vehicles and the nanny can be heard asking them again to move the vehicles so she can pick Driver's son up from school. She threatens to call the police if they continue to refuse.

Driver is publicly asking Perelmutter to stop, if only for the sake of her child.

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