Damian Lewis claims rich investors have destroyed London

'As a Londoner myself it would be important to me that London retains its soul'

              Damian Lewis slams Boris Johnson for letting the rich investors destroy the soul of London

At the premiere of his new movie 'Our Kind of Traitor', Damian Lewis laid into Boris Johnson's tenure as London Mayor.

The popular actor said: "I do think it's interesting that the mayor said when he came into power that he wouldn't turn us into 'Dubai on Thames' and it wouldn't just be full of enormous, thrusting symbols of capitalism and wealth.

"I think London has changed, I think it has changed. And I think the heart of London is now inhabited by people with second, third, fourth homes, these super-rich - that class of people most of us don't know or come across. As a Londoner myself it would be important to me that London retains its soul, its character."

He added: "So, this film speaks to that directly and the politcians' involvement in that."

Lewis went on to explain that the John Le Carre story looks at the lives of the super-rich in London and considers how their lifestyles have been 'facilitated by our leaders and our politicians'.

The Homeland actor finished by saying: "It would be a shame if the centre of London became entirely given over to people's third homes. So hopefully it won't be."

Lewis' grandfather was Lord Mayor of London, Sir Ian Bowater and the actor went to Eton College, the same school attended by Princes William and Harry.

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