Drought-stricken Zimbabwe selling its wild animals

Interested parties must submit details of the home that would be available for these animals

Drought-Stricken Zimbabwe Selling Its Wild Animals

The government of Zimbabwe is taking a drastic step to save its animals from a crippling drought - it's selling them.

According to a recent CNN report, the country's Parks and Wildlife Management Authority has announced the decision to 'destock its parks estates.'

While there are no further details about the number or type of animals being offered, interested parties have been asked to submit details about the home that would be available for these often large creatures.

They have requested information regarding size of property, current land use, existing infrastructure and intended use for the acquired animals.

This decision was prompted, in part, by Zimbabwe's severe rain shortage which an expert has called 'one of its worst droughts ever.'

As a result, millions of human residents are struggling, and national parks are having a hard time stretching their limited resources.

Adding to the strain is the fact that many of the reserve areas have more animals like elephants than they are designed to handle.

As one government official told CNN: "We hope the funds will be used to buy food and secure water facilities for distressed animals."

It's not the first time national parks in the area have had to sell their animals.

In the past it's also been done to 'remove excess game' or move high-value animals to areas that are harder for poachers to reach.

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