Britney Spears' father makes $130,000 as her conservator

Jamie Spears manages the singer's business and personal affairs

Britney Spears' Dad Jamie's Salary as Her Conservator Revealed

Britney Spears father Jamie makes a six figure salary to oversee his daughter's personal well being.

According to the New York Times, Jamie Spears earns $130,000 a year for his role as Britney's conservator and these days he also receives 1.5% of revenue from her Las Vegas residency.

The Times revealed the information as part of a piece questioning whether Britney was ready to stand on her own.

The paper also reveals details on the popstar's ongoing legal conservatorship. This is a legal arrangement, typically used to protect the elderly, mentally disabled or extremely ill individuals.

In 2008 the then-troubled popstar was placed under court approved personal and financial conservatorship.

According to court filings, Mr Spears is paid to manage the singer's 'business, costuming, personal, household stuff and legal matters'.

The New York Times reported that the singer announced a new $35 million deal extending her shows in Las Vegas and she was also named the fifth highest earning female musician in 2015.

Elaine Renoire, president of the National Association to Stop Guardian Abuse, told the Times that unless a fuss is made but the conservatee or their family, conservatorship usually just carries on.

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