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Many insurers refuse to cover "non-standard" homes...

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Dear Fixer,

I recently completed on a grade II listed property in Oxfordshire. I contacted my insurer about taking out a new policy and it said it could not offer me cover because the property was "non-standard".

Can you recommend a company that offers home insurance for listed properties?

F Hanson, Oxford Dear

Mr Hanson,

It is true that listed properties can be tricky to insure. Listed properties tend to fall into the "non-standard" category because they were built using techniques and materials that are not easily available today and would therefore cost more to repair or rebuild.

And not all insurers are prepared to cover "non-standard" properties, while others will not offer sufficient protection for your home.

There are specialist policies out there, though. Insurers that offer cover for listed and "non-standard" homes include Hiscox, NFU Mutual and Towergate Insurance.

Paying for a specialist valuation from an accredited surveyor will help you work out the best kind of building insurance for your home.

The Fixer

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