What would it cost to insure Game of Thrones characters?

Health insurance can be pricey in a dog-eat-dog world

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Your health is never terribly secure when you're a character in Game of Thrones. You never know when it will be your turn for an untimely fall, shock blinding or to be on the receiving end of a sharp sword. As Kit Harrison pointed out earlier this year, one of the draws of the show is that you have no idea which of the lead characters will make it out of each episode in one piece.

With such an uncertain future, securing health insurance becomes decidedly tricky. Insurer Staysure.co.uk has done the calculations, and revealed just how much it would cost to get cover for each of the major characters. It has also tracked down something to suit the increasingly specific needs of the characters as they enter the sixth series.

Daenerys Targaryen

She has an estimated age of 18, and typically cover is much cheaper when you are younger. However, the stress (and fire risk) of being Daenerys Stormborn of the House Targaryen, the First of Her Name, the Unburnt, Queen of Meereen, Queen of the Andals and the Rhoynar and the First Men, Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea, Breaker of Chains, and Mother of Dragons could push her premiums higher.

Staysure says: "Due to the danger of dealing with her dragons we have recommended Daenerys takes a policy with Aviva. Not only does she have access to the Yunkai specialist Burns Hospital, but she also has unlimited outpatient cover, ensuring there is never any costly consultation bills for her to foot. For the moments when it all becomes a little too much and she needs some unbiased counsel, she has also added psychotherapy cover enabling for her to speak to a professional of her choice." This will set her back £37.59 a month.

Tyrone Lannister

He is estimated to be around 37, at which point health insurance always becomes a little more expensive. Plus, of course, is the fact that he's currently on his travels, so he's going to need worldwide cover. Then there's the fact that so many of the Lannister's seem to reach an untimely end...

Staysure says: "We recommend a Private Health Insurance policy through AXA PPP providing Tyrion with full inpatient cover for any serious injuries he might receive from one of his many enemies. We would also recommend the Little Lion adds the World Wide Travel cover option, to ensure he's covered should he find he drinks too much, wanders into a brothel and misplaces his bag of coin." This will cost £61.51 a month.

Area Stark

At just 17 she should be able to look forward to affordable cover, despite the fact that the Starks don't seem to be able to muster much longevity. Given her need to stay sharp, be able to defend herself, and stay on the move, a policy that helps keep her fit could come in handy too.

Staysure says: "We recommend a Private Health Insurance policy through Vitality Health, providing Arya with full private cover in all of the local hospitals in Braavis. Using the Vitality benefits package she can also maintain her fitness levels and perhaps brush up her fencing skills as she gets 50% off Virgin Gyms." This will set her back £34.15 a month.

Cerise Lannister

At the age of 41 she's entering the territory of pricier premiums, and as one of the few characters on speaking terms with at least one of their close relatives, she might want cover for Jaime too. Presumably the pair would be after Private Health Care in King's Landings most exclusive hospitals.

Staysure says: "We recommend a Private Health Insurance policy with Aviva on the Extended Hospital list as this will ensure Cersei and her family can have access to the most exclusive private hospitals in Central King's Landing. Aviva will also allow Cersei to add Jamie onto the policy. Jaime may however have an exclusion for any claims for a missing hand...even the best private doctors will struggle to sort that for him." This will cost the two of them £11.27 a month.

The High Sparrow
At the age of 70, he's going to want a cost-effective policy for a humble man. However, given his aversion to Kings Landing, he'll need a policy offering a choice of hospitals too. And if he wants to keep going on such a meagre lifestyle, he'll probably needs the therapies and dental add ons.

Staysure recommends a Policy with Vitality Health using their Countrywide Plus list, with additional Therapies and Dental cover. This will cost him £101.20 a month.

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