£10m lottery winner thought he had won £10,000

Win was a thousand times bigger than he thought

John Bowman opening a bottle of champagne.

A Forfar man was all set to celebrate a £10,000 lottery win - when his friend double-checked the ticket and pointed out that he'd actually won £10 million.

Ladder-maker John Bowman nearly missed out on his win, as he'd only just changed his regular numbers, wanting to include some in the 50s. When he realised he had a winning ticket, he visited a friend to share the good news.

"I checked my numbers in the house on Sunday morning and thought I'd been lucky enough to win £10,000," he says.

"I went over to a friend's so he could double check it for me and when he looked it up on his phone he realised it was actually 1,000 times that amount – £10,317,199 to be exact! I was delighted."

John's first thought was for his children. "I went back home and phoned my two daughters Lisa and Emma, I told them to sit down because I had some news for them – they didn't believe me at first."

Despite his new millionaire status, John celebrated at his local pub. "My first drink as a millionaire was still a pint of beer," he says.

John has already shared some of his good fortune with his daughters, and plans to do the same with other family and friends.

"I want to buy a home abroad, somewhere with plenty of sun, and I also like travelling so I'll be looking at holidays in Europe," he says. "I enjoy Formula 1 too so I think a trip to the Monaco Grand Prix will be on the cards."

He won't, though, be continuing to work at Ramsay Ladders - though he has nothing but praise for the local firm.

"They are a lovely local family business. I've been in touch and they are all delighted for me, but I won't be keeping on my job," he says.

John is one of nine Lotto jackpot winners so far this year. They include the biggest ever winner, who won £35.1 million on 6th April.

In January, David and Carol Martin from Hawick shared the biggest ever Lotto jackpot prize with an anonymous ticket–holder, banking an incredible £33,035,323 each. And, just one month later, Gerry and Lisa Cannings from Peterborough won £32,534,188.

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