Man buys live yak while on sleeping pills

The astrophysicist managed to cancel his bizarre purchase before it was shipped

Man on Sleeping Pills Buys Live Yak

Just take a moment to think of all the ridiculous things you've bought online as an impulse, a sweater you didn't need, those shoes you've never worn, and that gadget you still don't quite understand the purpose of.

Well one man when a few steps further when he went on the computer and did some last minute shopping.

To be fair to the man in question, he was groggy from the sleeping pills he had taken to help him get some shut eye, so maybe this bizarre purchase can be excused.

When we woke up from his deep sleep he suddenly realised that in his disoriented state he had actually bought a live yak...

This wasn't even a sponsor a yak in a different country kind of deal, this was a buying a live animal that you have to look after yourself.

One of the most pertinent questions raised from this weird story is, why is it so easy to buy a live animal online?

Thankfully the man was able to cancel the charge of over $3,000 on his credit card from the website Yaks N Things.

This also meant he was able to stop the live animal being shipped to him, a process that would have taken between 10 and 25 days.

In a Facebook post explaining what had happened the man also mentioned that he was an astrophysicist.

So, if someone as clever as an astrophysicist can end up buying a live yak, what hope is there for the rest of us and our quirky online purchases!

Victims of scams and fraud

Victims of scams and fraud