Britons 'would rather live in cute country cottage than mansion'

A survey found that if money was no object, most people wouldn't want a home that cost more than £3 million


Britons would prefer to live in a cute country cottage or a bungalow rather than an imposing mansion, research into home buyers' dream properties has found.

A survey from Sarah Beeny's estate agency Tepilo has found that even if money was no object, most people would not want their dream home to cost more than £3 million.

Some 14% of people surveyed aspire to live in a country cottage, while a smaller proportion at 12% dream of living in a mansion.

Meanwhile, 13% would opt for a detached bungalow and another 13% would choose modern architecture when asked to choose their style of dream house.

Nearly three in 10 buyers (29%) said their dream house would have four bedrooms, with 27% wanting just three. Only 11% would opt for six bedrooms or more.

Across the research, properties near the beach or in a bustling city centre were the most popular locations given by the 2,000 home buyers surveyed for their ideal home, with 16% of people choosing each option.

One in nine people (11%) would prefer to live in the countryside, while one in 10 (10%) would choose the suburbs and 9% would go for a village setting.

Meanwhile, 45% of buyers hanker after a custom-built property, designed by an architect or themselves.

While three in 10 buyers (30%) are hopeful that one day they will live in their dream house, a further 38% believe a lottery win would be their only chance of ever owning their ideal property.

Beeny said it is interesting to see that, even if they were able to, 52% of those surveyed would not spend more than £3 million on their dream home.

She said: "Up to £3 million seems a pretty low price to pay for the ultimate pad, but it demonstrates that we're a price-orientated nation that expects value for money when it comes to property."

More than four in 10 buyers (43%) said their dream home would have a balcony, while 35% would want a home library, 32% desire a gym and 17% want their own nightclub or bar in their home.

One in four people (25%) said their dream home would have a wine cellar, and one in four (25%) would also like "his and hers" bathrooms.

Two-fifths of people (42%) would want their dream home to boast an indoor swimming pool, while nearly half (48%) want en-suite facilities in every bedroom and 45% would like walk-in wardrobes and dressing rooms.

Technology was also a major factor in dream properties, with 38% of people wanting high-tech security features and 35% desiring mod cons such as remote controlled heating, lighting and sound systems.

When it comes to the garden, 52% of people dream of having an amazing view, while 40% would like a built-in barbecue and 30% want water features such as fountains.

More than one in three people (38%) would also like a conservatory or orangery to relax in.

The survey was conducted among people who have either bought a home in the past year, are in the process of buying or are planning to buy within the next 12 months.

Here are the luxury features which buyers would most like within their dream home, according to Tepilo, followed by the percentages of buyers who chose them:

- Balcony, 43%

- Relaxation room, 39%

- Library, 35%

- Gym, 32%

- Cinema, 29%

- Wine cellar, 25%

- Aquarium, 25%

- Bowling alley, 20%

- Nightclub, 17%

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