Australia introduces the weather lottery

The new initiative supports local charities too

Australia's $1 Million Weather Lottery

When it comes to winning the lottery, your chances are pretty low, but that doesn't stop plenty of us from having a go!

In Australia they've come up with an ingenious new style of lottery that's sure to get people handing over their cash in the hope of making some serious money.

Australia is now starting something called the Weather Lottery. Australian residents will play a $25 dollar monthly fee and bet on the weather.

This idea was inspired by how Australians regularly complain about the random and extreme weather conditions that occur frequently in Australia.

The company running the best explains that in order, 'to win $1 million, your numbers have to match the decimal point of the temperature in seven Australia capital cities at 12 noon on the day you play'.

Now this definitely isn't your classic lottery style but it's sure to get people thinking.

The country is known for it's warm temperatures but parts of the huge landmass are prone to pretty variable weather conditions and Melbourne is known as the city that can experience 'four seasons in one day'.

Pair this with the searing heat of the red centre, tropical rain showers of the far north and the unpredictable conditions in Tasmania, who knows what your chances are of actually hitting the jackpot on this new game!

The best thing is that this lottery is all in aid of good causes too.

TO enter you have to select which charity you would like to support and then spend $25AUD for a monthly ticket.

This puts you in with a chance of winning $1 million every week and you'll also be helping a charity out too. Find out more about this unusual idea at

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