Man crowdfunds 'Sleepbus' concept for homeless

The custom designed vehicle will contain 22 individual sleeping pods

Man Who Experienced Homelessness Develops Sleeping Bus Concept For Homeless

The homeless often don't find a safe place to sleep, leaving them vulnerable to the dangers inherent to adverse weather and urban environments.

Simon Rowe, an Australian who was homeless for several months in 1993, is working to provide a mobile shelter for those in need of rest, reports Gizmag.

He calls it the Sleepbus, and the custom designed vehicle will contain 22 individual pods equipped with mattresses, TVs, and temperature controls.

According to the Huffington Post, the bus will have two bathrooms, lockers, and an area where pets can be kept.

Funding for the $50,000 endeavor has come via a GoFundMe campaign, and Rowe anticipates the first one will be in operation by June.

His goal is to ultimately have 300 of the buses up and running throughout Australia.

On his crowdfunding page Rowe explains that he fell behind on his rent and was subsequently evicted from his home in 1993.

He managed to retain his job but spent four months living in his car while he managed to save enough money for a month's bond and a month's rent.

Simon goes on to explain that he was inspired to take action against homelessness in 2015 when he came across a man trying to sleep on the streets of St Kilda, Melbourne one lunchtime.

Speaking about his charitable actions and what he's trying to achieve Rowe says: "For me, charity is practical. It's the ability to use one's position of influence, relative wealth and power to affect lives for the better."

The project has currently raised £26,180 and you can find out more about Simon's story and donate money through the Sleepbus GoFundMe page here.

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