The best ways our readers save money revealed

How you can end up with some extra cash at the end of the year


The best ways our readers save money revealed

What are the ways you save money? From pragmatic tips to ingenious ideas, you've told us in your droves.

Here are some of our best ones. Do you feel inspired?

Watch your money grow

"Save one and two pence coins – they are not really missed, and they can add up if you can't afford to save £5 notes."Alison Rood

"I save every day of the calendar year. So, January 1 is one pence, and then I've built it up from there. January 31 is 31p, February 1 is 32p, and so on. I add it up weekly. Now, in March, I have over £40 – at the end of the year this will be over £600! It gets more expensive as the year goes by, but I'm giving it a go." Shirley Miller

Save on your shopping

"Get a sack of potatoes in. They are so versatile – try cheese mash with fried eggs."Tim McRostie

"For many years I have used washing up liquid as a shampoo and my hair has never suffered. After all any shampoo, whether cheap or expensive, is simply an industrial product with a suitable perfume depending on what the finished product is."Dy Brown

"Make your own laundry liquid for pennies – there are plenty of how-to's on the internet. It doesn't smell as floral, but it does the job. Costs a quid for the washing soda, 50p for bar soap, and then just the electricity for the boiled water. You can get several months' worth of one or two washes a week for this." Sooz

"Grow stuff, even if you live in a flat. Lettuces, peppers, ginger and loads more can be grown in pots. I've just planted the seeds from a green pepper and they're sprouting – they won't be huge, but they'll do for me when they fruit." Sooz

"Buy cheaper, less desirable cuts of meat. Skinless chicken thighs work just as well in stir fries and fajitas as breast meat does at half the price." Pablo

Save on your bills

"Wear your sleeping bag and put a hot water bottle under your toes inside the bag – or on your lap. Toasty." Sooz

Save on going out and holidays

"Eating out, online shopping discounts and days out often have discounts somewhere. Google deals for everything you plan to buy." Pablo

"The cheapest train tickets are released 12 weeks in advance. Use a ticket splitter website to see if it's cheaper to book separate tickets for the same train journey." Pablo

And one which we don't suggest you try...

"Sell the kids." Gary

NB. Please note some submissions have been edited for accuracy/clarity.

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