Is this the most expensive iMac in the world?

The 24 carat gold plated computer will cost you more than $14,000

Is This 24k Gold Plated iMac the Most Expensive in the World?

International gold business Goldgenie has a new item on offer - a specially customized iMac coated in 24 carat gold. It costs over $14,000 and may be the most expensive in the world.

Just like in ancient history, the richest of the rich can't get enough gold, and even today, cover their personal belongings with the shiny metal.

Laban Roomes, founder of Goldgenie, said: "What you've got to remember is it's not expensive to people who are doing well, who are wealthy and we actually think it's actually still good value for money."

"So even though it is the most expensive iMac on the market I think for what it is, it's also the best value iMac on the market as well."

The unusual but eye-catching computer is coated in 24 carat gold and the company used 15 microns of gold for the plating.

Roomes also clarified that an iMac customised to this level would of course come with a lifetime guarantee, which you would probably expect if you were paying $14,000 for a computer!

To get the iMac looking glorious and golden it takes on average 28 days, so if you're keen to add one to your home office, you might want to get on the waiting list.

Roomes says: "The type of client buying this would be from, you know, the Middle East, Russia. We've sold a couple in to Russia so far and these are wealthy business people that have everything."

It also seems that people wanting their computers covered in gold isn't the strangest request they've had.

Roomes added that they've had clients requesting gold toilets, nipple rings and even tattoo guns.

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