Creepy Craigslist doll goes viral

The listing for the terrifying doll has since disappeared


Creepy Doll For Sale On Craigslist Goes Viral

It's often said one can find just about anything on Craigslist, and apparently that includes demon-possessed dolls.

An ad for what appeared to be one was posted to an Oklahoma City items-for-sale section.

Alongside the creepy picture, the sellers noted: "Our daughter doesn't want it anymore. Our dog won't stop barking at it and we never find it where we left it."

The post quickly started making the social media rounds, bringing out many users' inner Stephen King along the way.

Some shared stories about other toys occupied by malevolent spirits, most of which ended tragically, while others expressed fear for their survival.

One person wrote on Reddit: "I'm not far from OKC and I'm now considering moving just to put a little more distance between me and that doll."

The seller also added that the terrifying looking doll has a 'really cute laugh' but it doesn't have batteries.

The post on Craigslist appears to have since been reported as the page says it has been 'flagged for removal'.

This isn't the first time some fairly terrifying toys have made their way onto the site and in 2014 there was even a Tumblr page created, dedicated to 'Creepy Dolls of Craigslist'.

The list included some slightly worse for wear porcelain dolls, antique dolls with unnaturally long hair and a number of life-size dolls with various body parts and pieces of clothing missing.

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