Visiting London? You can now stay in Parliament!

The British Landmark has been listed for rental on HomeAway

This is your chance to spend a night in Parliament
Heading to London on holiday soon and want to get hold of some unusual accommodation?

Look no further because this time around you won't have to scour Airbnb for a quirky but practical, central and spacious home to stay in, have the answer.

You could be one of the lucky people to spend a night in the Palace of Westminster.

If the name doesn't ring a bell that might be because the stunning building that sits right on the banks of the Thames is more commonly known as the Houses of Parliament.

That's right, you can pay (a sizeable amount) to spend a night inside the walls of one of London's most historic buildings.

The online listing currently states that it will set you back an eye-watering £142,016 to spend a night in the palace.

The information given with the listing states: "Throughout the House of Commons Summer recess from 21st July to 5th September 2016, when British politicians will be jetting off on their last minute getaways, the grand building will be available for you and your family to rent for the very first, and last time."

If this sounds right up your street then you won't even have to worry about whether there will be enough room for your whole family because the building has 1,100 rooms and the capacity to sleep 99 people!

There are some limitations though including a strict dress code.

The the listing states: "Men must wear a shirt and tie at all times. Women must dress in business-like clothing. The wearing of t-shirts with slogans is strictly forbidden. Hats must not be worn. Guests are also not allowed to have their hands in their pockets at any time."

Do you think you can adhere to all these rules and fancy a night in a palace? Take a look at the full listing for this unusual property on the HomeAway website!

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