Brexit threatens to cause chaos on the roads

Controversial motoring changes proposed after referendum

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A top secret document has revealed changes to road laws being planned after the referendum on whether Britain will remain in Europe this June.

The document has revealed that if Britain chooses to remain, all car number plates will be legally required to carry an EU flag, as part of a number of pro-euro changes. If it chooses Brexit, meanwhile, there will be a number of changes brought in to reflect the unique British nature of our roads.


The document has been seen by It has revealed a number of controversial proposals. In addition to the EU flag on number plates, the M5 will also be named as an experimental Autobahn, mirroring the roads in Germany with no upper speed limit.

Vauxhall will employ a name change to become Opel – as it is known across the continent. And on-the-spot fines will become truly 'on the spot' – with British police given powers to escort motorists to the nearest cashpoint to claim the proceeds of the fine.

Perhaps the most unexpected proposal is that Britain will take the European road system on board – and will take to driving on the right side of the road.


If the UK chooses to leave Europe, however, a separate set of proposals have been put forward. Imported cars will face higher import taxes – in a bid to get people buying British again. This could see the return of brands such as Austin-Healey, Daimler and Triumph.

Unfortunately, in return, when travelling in Europe, we will see a two-tier system for petrol prices: with cars with a British number plate having to pay higher British prices when travelling on the continent.

There have been suggestions that Brits wanting to drive in Europe will also have to take a European driving test, and, controversially, the Brexit camp want to see the colours of traffic lights changed to red, while and blue.

What can you do?

While some of these changes are only minor, British motorists need to ensure they take steps to prepare for any impact these changes will have. With the EU referendum taking place in June, any summer holidays planned after this could be impacted by any changes to driving on the continent.

We will have to wait for more details when this secret document sees the light of day. This may, however, take some time, as it is rumoured to be stored in a bottom drawer, underneath the Chilcott enquiry, which can only be accessed by the real-life claimants featured in the DWP's benefit sanctions leaflet.

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