Waitress praised for handing in envelope containing $1,700

Kaylie Cyr was rewarded with $100 from the grateful owner

Waitress Lauded For Turning In Envelope Containing $1,700 Cash

Though there are many people who would consider finding an envelope stuffed with $1,700 in cash a personal windfall, a waitress in Maine is being lauded for not being among them.

A couple of weeks ago, Kaylie Cyr was working the dinner shift at the Buffalo Wild Wings in Portland when she came upon the stack of money, reports ABC News.

As it was tucked into an envelope, she realized it was not likely intended as a tip.

According to Portland Press Herald, she turned the bills over to management, and soon the money and its owner were reunited.

Though the waitress didn't make her admirable act public, the man who had left the cash behind did some sleuthing, and rewarded the woman's honesty with a $100.

Back in October last year one lucky pizza delivery guy hit the jackpot when he picked up a $1,900 tip thanks to a very generous church.

The Chugach Covenant Church in Alaska were the ones to make Ken Felber's day when he delivered the piping hot pizza.

Felber said he planned to take his wife out for a nice meal, invest in some new snow tyres and deal with some medical expenses.

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