Aldi biscuits recalled over 'pest contamination' worries

Aldi, Bestway, Happy Shopper and LBV biscuits and snacks recalled

Biscuits recalled

Aldi shelves have been stripped of a range of biscuits and snacks, over concerns about hygiene at the factory they were produced in. The factory has admitted a pest problem - and the manufacturer has issued a recall as a precaution against contamination.

The products being recalled were all made by Baketime Ltd. They include batches of Aldi's Cheese Thins and Cheese Bakes, Oddbite packs (cheese, salt and vinegar and smoky bacon flavours) and Ginger Nuts.

The factory also makes products for other supermarkets, and Bestway's Mini All Butter Shortbread, Mini Brownies, Mini Cheese Thins and Mini Choc Chip Cookies have been withdrawn - as have Happy Shopper's Cheese Thins, Fudge Brownies and Choc Chip Cookies. LBV's Potato Bakes Korma, Potato Bakes Mild Thai and Strawberry and Vanilla Biscotti have also been recalled.

Affected batches

Aldi Cheese Thins (10% Cheese) - L16026, L16027, L16055, L16056, L16057, L16073, L16074, L16075
Aldi Cheese Bakes - L16026, L16027, L16032, L16033, L16039, L16040, L16046, L16047, L16053, L16366, L16060, L16066, L16067, L16073
Aldi Oddbites Cheese - L16060
Aldi Oddbites Salt and Vinegar - L16061
Aldi Oddbites Smoky Bacon - L16061
Aldi Ginger Nuts - L16047, L16048, L16061, L16062, L16068, L16069
Bestway Mini All Butter Shortbread L16034
Bestway Mini Brownies L16035
Bestway Mini Cheese Thins L16032, L16033
Bestway Mini Choc Chip Cookies L16035
Happy Shopper Cheese Thins L16026, L16027, L16032, L16053, L16366, L16060, L16066
Happy Shopper Fudge Brownies L16041
Happy Shopper Choc Chip Cookies L16041
LBV Potato Bakes Korma L16034
LBV Potato Bakes Mild Thai L16034
LBV Strawberry and Vanilla Biscotti L16027

What should you do?

The Food Standards Agency said: "Baketime Ltd is recalling various branded biscuit, snack and confectionery products on a precautionary basis." It said that if you have any of these products at home, you should avoid eating them, and return the package to the store for a full refund. You will receive your refund even if the packet has already been open - and regardless of whether you have a receipt or not.

A spokesperson for Aldi said: "If you have purchased any of these products, do not consume them. Customers who have bought these products with these batch codes are asked to return them immediately to their nearest store, where a full refund will be given. No other batch codes are affected. We apologise for any inconvenience and thank you for your co-operation."


Possible pest contamination is not a terribly common reason for a recall. By far the majority of recalls are to do with the risk of bacteria or foreign objects in the finished product - often because of some sort of breakage on the production line.

However, this year we have already seen two of these unusual recalls. Earlier this month Netto recalled batches of its Rice Market Basmati Rice and Rice Market Parboiled Rice due to possible pest contamination at the packing site. Before that, Lytham Foods recalled Chicken Tikka Sandwiches in February because the supplier of the tikka powder, Catermix, had "manufactured this ingredient in unhygienic conditions and failed to comply with the food hygiene regulations."

And while 'possible pest contamination' might not sound as scary as Salmonella or Listeria, depending on the pests concerned, they may well carry bacteria of their own, which could make you every bit as ill. So it's worth checking the cupboards and taking this recall seriously.

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