Aldi launches Easter lunch for the price of an egg

Easter lunch for £3.80 is celebrated with a bizarre stunt

Aldi roast

Aldi has announced that its Easter lunch will cost just £3.80 per person - so a family of four can eat for just £15.19. This includes a whole leg of British lamb, plus the trimmings. There's even a bottle of wine and a packet of hot cross buns thrown in for good measure - all for less than the price of an Easter egg.

It celebrated with a bizarre chocolate-related stunt, but before you get sidetracked by the incredible creation, it's worth bearing in mind that you can get your Easter lunch even cheaper.

Its calculations were based on:
Whole Leg of Fresh British Lamb (£3.79 per kilogram)
Maris Piper potatoes (£1.89, 2.5kg)
garden peas (69p, 907g)
fresh carrots (45p, 1kg)
Bramwell's Mint Sauce (39p, 180g),
New Zealand Pinot Noir (£6.99, 75cl)
Specially Selected Hot Cross Buns (99p, 4 pack)


Aldi unveiled this cut-price dinner in one of the oddest marketing stunts we have seen for a while. It got master chocolate sculptor Jen Lindsey Clark to make a life-sized chocolate dining table - complete with a roast dinner made out of chocolate.

She has spent the past three weeks making it - from 50kg of melted Aldi Moser Roth Premium Easter Egg luxury chocolate. Jen said: "I'd say the trickiest item was the Ashfield Farm British leg of lamb which took four days, four moulds and 2 kilos of chocolate to complete."

Jen is the unusual sculptor who came up with the idea of mixing Benedict Cumberbatch and chocolate bunnies in order to create the Easter Cumberbunny - so it should be worth a look.

Even cheaper

While this is attention-grabbing, at its heart there's even better news - a study by Good Housekeeping found that although Aldi is the cheapest supermarket overall for Easter goodies, by shopping around you can cut costs even further.

It put together a slightly different basket of Easter goodies. This included enough to feed a group of eight - including lamb, carrots, potatoes, peas, mint sauce, hot cross buns, an Easter egg and a bottle of fizz.

Aldi came out the cheapest, at £24.72, followed by Morrisons at £27.17, and Asda at £31.82.

The full list:
1. Aldi - £24.72
2. Morrisons - £27.17
3. ASDA - £31.82
4. Lidl - £32.21
5. Iceland - £38.17
6. The Co-operative - £38.55
7. Waitrose - £39.46
8. Tesco - £41.63
9. Sainsbury's £41.75
10. M&S - £45.03

However, it also identified that by buying the bulk of the basket from Aldi - but popping to Morrisons for the frozen peas, potatoes and mint sauce - you could buy the full basket for £23.69. It means you could feed eight people for just £2.96 per head.

But what do you think? Does the idea of a cut-price Easter lunch appeal, or do you prefer to spend more for events like Easter? Let us know in the comments.

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