Could this be the best job in the world?

Beer sampling interns are needed to travel the world!

Beer Sampling Interns Needed to Travel the World

They say if you love what you do then you'll never work a day in your life!

So, for the beer lovers out there, get your CVs ready because a company in Florida is seeking interns who are dedicated, hardworking and can handle a lot of brew.

World of Beer is looking for three 'Drink It Interns' to travel the world and get paid to sample beer, which sounds like it just might be the best job in the world!

Three lucky entry-level workers will be paid twelve-thousand dollars to travel the world visiting breweries and beer festivals in exchange for write-ups about their adventures.

Food, lodging and travel expenses will also be covered, you just need to be 21.

The company is looking for 'social media nuts who are always snapping photos of beer and food to share on social media.'

You must also be willing to have an 'awesome time trying amazing beer in envy worthy locations.'

But don't bother applying if you prefer enjoying you pint in peaceful silence because the company is after the more sociable types, the job description states they want: 'Friendly folk who love meeting new people, sharing stories with strangers, and catching up over a beer.'

You can find out more about this unique job opportunity on the World of Beer website here.

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