Kit in boys' bedrooms nearly £1,000 more expensive than for girls, research says

Technology makes up a significant chunk of the totals


Parents spend around £3,000 kitting out their child's bedroom - and boys are nearly £1,000 more expensive typically than girls - research has found.

The contents of a boy's bedroom cost £3,279 on average, while a girl's bedroom costs £2,315 - a difference of £964 - according to

Technology including smartphones, tablets and laptops makes up a significant chunk of the totals, costing £541 on average for a boy and £406 for a girl.

Parents of a boy spent £261 more on gaming consoles and games and £125 more on toys than parents of a girl.

Spending on school and sporting equipment for a boy was also much higher, according to the survey among more than 1,000 adults across Britain.

Here is how the cost of an average child's bedroom breaks down for a boy, followed by a girl, according to the research for

- Clothes and shoes, £466.05, £429.36

- Technology, £541.99, £406.08

- Gaming consoles and games, £458.47, £197.41

- Sporting equipment, £255.29, £129.20

- Toys/games, £410.79, £285.58

- Furniture, £478.91, £427.61

- Subscriptions such as mobile phone contracts and streaming services for the child, £177.18, £116.30

- School equipment and books, £242.75, £150.00

- Other expenses, £248.02, £174.07

- Total, £3,279.45, £2,315.60

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