Tiny beach hut has £200,000 price tag

But you can get one elsewhere for less

The front of the beach hut.

It's not the first time we've reported on a tiny property selling for hundreds of thousands of pounds - but at least those London studio flats can be lived in all year round.

But the buyer of this Dorset beach hut, on the market for £200,000, will only be allowed to sleep there between March and October, although they'll be able to visit all year round.

The sky-blue wooden hut measures just 9ft 8in by 14ft, but manages to sleep six people - there's a set of bunk beds built into the kitchen wall, and the two sofas double as beds.

It has electricity, thanks to solar panels on the roof, along with a water supply, and there's a fridge and calor gas cooker. What it doesn't have is a loo.

The interior of the beach hut.

But the real appeal of the hut is its site, right on the beach at Mudeford Sand Spit, Christchurch.

"Hut 299 offers a superb panoramic sea view towards the Isle of Wight and Needle as well as the added bonus of a beautiful aspect to the rear towards Christchurch Harbour and the Priory," say agents Denisons.

And there's a good sized sun deck from which to enjoy the view.

The view from the deck.

The hut is unlikely to be much of an investment. Three years ago, another hut on the same stretch of beach sold for exactly the same amount, despite lacking running water or electricity.

Another - admittedly a little larger and more luxurious - went on the market two years ago for £225,000.

For those that haven't got the cash to buy Hut 299, there are several others to rent nearby. Prices start at £140 a week, though for that you won't get anywhere to sleep. But £1,250 a week will get you a truly luxurious pad, with all mod cons and even four kayaks.

Alternatively, you could look elsewhere. There are around 20,000 beach huts around the country, and many go for far less. The cheapest we could find is up for sale in Felixstowe through Beach-Huts.com, and costs just £3,999.

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