Man uses £20,000 in coins to pay for two cars

It's thought the man was buying one of the cars for his wife as a 'White Valentine's Day' gift

Man Uses £20,000 Worth of Coins to Pay for Two Cars

An amusing video has emerged from China of a man who used 200 bags of coins to pay for two cars.

The footage, filmed in Taizhou, Jiangsu Province last Saturday, shows a group of staff in the garage counting the coins, using scales to weight them up.

According to local reports, more than 30 people took at least six hours to finish counting the coins, which were around £20,000 in total.

Since no bank wanted to change the coins for the man, he asked the garage if he could use them to pay for the cars.

Some reports have suggested that the man was buying one of the cars for his wife as a gift for 'White Valentine's Day', a tradition celebrated in China, Japan, Taiwan and South Korea.

It's thought that the man believed it would be more romantic to pay for the cars in coins.

In 2013 an Australian man recorded himself paying a $60 parking fine in coins.

The man took the money to Adelaide City Council and proceeded to push the coins over the desk to the cashier and said: "I'm paying for a fine, I'm not paying for a service or paying for a product. You guys are asking me to pay it."

Unfortunately for him the stunt backfired as thanks to Australian law, payments made using five cent coins can be refused when the transaction has a total of more than $5.

The clip has since had more than two million views and you can see the full video of the man's ambitious prank on YouTube here.

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