Clarity for retirement as pensions dashboard promised by 2019

It will allow people to see all their retirement savings pots in one place


A digital "pensions dashboard" - where people can see all their retirement savings pots in one place - will be launched by 2019.

Budget documents revealed the Government will ensure the industry designs, funds and launches a pensions dashboard.

Campaigners have been pressing for a pensions dashboard, to help people see exactly how much retirement cash they have saved in all their pots - and how much more they will need.

Pensions Minister Baroness Altmann recently told the Commons Work and Pensions Committee that the industry was still some way off being able to provide a dashboard.

She said: "You don't even have pension providers providing their customers with a standard statement of what pension they've got.

"Even if you know where your pension is and you phone up or write to your company and say: 'Can you tell me what my benefits are under the scheme I've got with you?' each company will send you its own version of the information."

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