Is £3,031 steak the world's most expensive?

Why does it cost so much, and how does it compare?

At $4,400, Is This the World's Most Expensive Steak?

The Goldhorn Beefclub restaurant in Berlin has unveiled an astonishingly expensive steak - at 4,000 euros ($4,400 or £3,031).

The astonishing price owes something to the cost of the raw steak itself. It's one of only a few restaurants in Germany that is authorised to sell Kobe beef, which will set you back £303 per pound at the butcher - and this steak is the best part of two pounds.

The restaurant is so much pricier than the competition partly because most of those who serve steak of this quality tend to put it into dishes where they can serve smaller fillets, and keep the overall cost in the hundreds of pounds rather than the thousands.

If you order the most expensive steak in the world at The Goldhorn, meanwhile, it comes grilled, sliced onto a piece of slate, and decorated with a smear of gold dust. There are no fancy extras, so you get an enormous piece of beef - pushing the price to the max.

Close contenders

This could be a world-beating price for a steak. It beats the Wagyu ribeye steak at Craftsteak in New York - which at $2,800 was long-considered the priciest.

However, if you want to blow a small fortune on meat, there's a marginally more expensive option. You could opt for the world's most expensive hamburger - an enormous £3,188 monster created for Juicys Outlaw Grill in Oregon in 2011 - which required several people to lift it - let alone eat it.

For a meal for one, no burger can compete with the steak. The closest contender is the burger created in 2014 by Honky Tonk restaurant in Chelsea - featuring Wagyu beef, venison, lobster, caviar and gold leaf - and priced at £1,100.

If you're feeling flash and beef isn't your thing, there's always the most expensive cocktail in the world. According to Guinness World Records, this is The Winston, created at Club 23 in Melbourne, Australia. This £3,583 drink includes 60ml of the world's most expensive cognac.

Alternatively, you could get stuck into the Frrrozen Haute Chocolate ice cream sundae, which was on the menu of the Serendipity 3 restaurant in New York in 2007. This cost £12,000 - and featured a fine blend of 28 cocoas, decorated with diamonds, served in a gold-lined goblet, sitting on a gold and diamond bracelet, and eaten with a gold spoon.

But what do you think? Do any of these appeal, or would you rather have something a bit less flash to get stuck into?

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