Lindsay Lohan confirms wealthy new boyfriend

Lohan is dating Russian heir

Meet Lindsay Lohan's Boyfriend

Lindsay Lohan's is said to have a new love interest in her life. TMZ said the man in question is a 22-year-old London-based Russian called Egor Tarabasov, who is heir to a business empire and runs an estate agency in London

The couple haven't been pictured out and about, but her Instagram account features a few pictures of him, including a number from a skiing holiday the couple took with friends, and one of a shirtless man's torso that's thought to be Tarabasov. People Magazine says she has confirmed the relationship, and Lohan reportedly told the magazine she is really happy.

Wealthy boyfriend

Attention has turned to Tarabasov's inherited wealth, and the finances of his father - Moscow millionaire Dmitry Tarabasov. Certainly, he comes from a wealthy background, but then again so does Lohan - as both her parents have been Wall Street high flyers.

It also appears that Egor has a sharp business mind of his own - as a graduate of Cass Business School in London. His LinkedIn profile lists him as Managing Director of Home House Estates - which sells and manages property in the posher parts of London (the owner is listed as Alexey Simonov).

It also lists him as a director of TAS Capital - an investment management firm in Harrogate, and his work history as a 'Negotiator' at Newington Estates.

There have been some claims that Tarabasov's wealth may add to his attractions for Lohan, especially given her well-documented money issues in the past. However, this would seem an uncharitable assessment. Lohan is also back at work, after a successful stint on Broadway, and filming The Shadow Within at the end of last year.

Given the earnings of a Hollywood star, and Lohan's potential to come back from her difficulties and become a mega-earner again, it doesn't seem fair to assume that her happy relationship is based on anything other than love.

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