The Fixer: excessive energy bills

I don't understand why my parents' npower bills are so high

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Dear Fixer,
I am writing to you about a problem with my parents' energy supplier npower.

Their bills are huge, despite mainly using a wood burning stove and never using the upstairs radiators, which do not work. It doesn't make sense, although npower claims that the meter is fine.

On top of that, the company has insisted my parents pay by monthly direct debit to clear the bills.

This was set up to take about £160 a month, but has been used to take £600 out of my father's account without permission.

The only help npower has offered is to send out someone to give my parents energy saving tips. It's a joke. Can you help?

R Christie, Cheltenham

Dear Ms Christie,

Following my intervention, npower has refunded the £600 taken out of your father's account and is offering your parents £100 as a goodwill gesture in light of the mistake.

The company has also now fitted a new meter in the property and has promised to monitor the meter readings for the next three months and re-bill their account if necessary.

The Fixer

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