Thief returns wallet with rude message

Thief suggests his victim should spend less money and keep an eye on her wallet

Wallet Thief Returns Cards With Note: Stop Splurging, Do Your Own Nails

When Rachel Maestri lost her designer wallet, she didn't expect to see it again. She certainly didn't expect the person who stole it to take the cash and a nail salon punch card, and then mail the rest of the contents back to her - along with a note criticising how she spends her money.

The thief took the Louis Vuitton wallet, stole $350 in cash and the nail salon card, but sent back the wallet to the owner - along with her credit cards and drivers licence. However, it was the note included in the parcel that shocked her the most.

The thief gave her advice to: "Shop less, enjoy more, don't keep too much cash in your wallet, keep your wallet safe." It went on to argue that the thief needed the money more than the wallet owner, so would be keeping that, and a Target gift card, and it signed off: "Do your own nails. Stop splurging your money and save."

Rachel told Inside Edition she was angry that the thief seemed to think they knew her well enough to offer advice - and added that it was rich that someone stealing her money would dare to call her materialistic.


It's not the first time a wallet has been unexpectedly returned. But in many cases these stories have much happier endings.

Farmer Derek Gamble, now 66, lost his wallet on a train near Loughborough 30 years ago. When volunteers were restoring the carriage, they found the wallet and tracked him down to return it. Inside was cash, including several coins, a dollar and an old £1 note, as well as a railway badge, a blood group card, a receipt dating back to 1982 and a booking slip for a trip to Ireland.

In September 2013, Glen James, a homeless man in Boston, flagged down a police car and handed over a backpack he'd found on the street. It contained $2,400 in cash and $40,000 in traveller's cheques - which were returned to its owner. When his story was reported, supporters set up a crowdfunding page for him, and in two days it raised $110,000.

In November 2013 a homeless man in Atlanta found a woman's wallet in a rubbish bin. He could see from the contents that she was a tourist, so he went to several hotels to see if he could track her down. When he eventually found the tourist, the hotel staff clubbed together and rewarded him with an overnight stay, new clothes and $500.

But one of the most incredible returned fortunes was five years ago, when 75-year old Billie Watts found a bag containing $97,000 in the toilets of a Cracker Barrel restaurant in Tennessee - along with two photographs. She took the money home, but called the restaurant, told them she had found something, and left her number. After quarter of an hour she received a call from the owner, who described the photographs, and got the money back. Apparently it was the proceeds of the sale of her house - and she had been beside herself when she lost it.

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Ten uplifting money stories