Home up for sale - with surprise lurking in the cellar

Would you fancy your own pub within stumbling distance of your lounge?

Home with a pub

It's always handy to have a local watering hole within stumbling distance of your house, and there are plenty of people for whom 'a nice local' is further up the property-buying wish list than a 'walk in wardrobe' or even 'running water'. This home in Fazekerley near Liverpool goes one better, however, with its own pub in the cellar.

It's a pretty impressive home in its own right - with six bedrooms, a hand-built kitchen, three bathrooms and a large conservatory. It even has a gym for fitness fans who don't fancy leaving the house. Unsurprisingly it's on the market for £299,995 - which Zoopla points out is well over the typical asking price of the area (£105,989).

Property exterior

However, the pub downstairs may well be the real selling point. The owners have gone to impressive lengths to make it feel like a typical boozer - complete with a snooker table, packets of nuts on the wall, and (inexplicably) a boat wheel.

Pub properties

If you snapped up this gem, you'd be in good company, because there are plenty of rich and famous celebrities who have a pub in their home. Rod Stewart famously has a mirrored bar in his home in Beverly Hills. Frankly he has plenty of room for one - given that the mansion sprawls over 28,000 feet.

Hollywood star Jeremy Renner has a bar in his Los Angeles home. He said back in 2010 it was his favourite room, where he liked to read the papers over coffee in the morning, and catch up with friends in the evening.

Actor Paul Rudd has built an Irish bar in his New York home. He got the idea from his dad, who built his own pub to celebrate the birth of Paul's son Jack Sullivan: the pub is known as Sullivan's. Paul was so impressed that he built his own Irish bar - complete with Guinness, shuffle boards, tin ceilings and a 30-foot bar.

Last year Iron Maiden bassist Steve Harris sold his Essex mansion, which came complete with a full-sized football pitch, tennis court, indoor swimming pool, and a pub. This came with an impressive attention to detail, including beer pumps, a pool table and a swirly pattered carpet to hide spillages.

But what do you think? Would you fancy a pub at home, or is going out the whole point of the pub? Let us know in the comments.

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