Would you buy a home gym from Aldi?

Budget retailer launches low-cost range

Aldi's range of gym equipment.

As part, perhaps, of its efforts to attract more middle-class shoppers, Aldi has launched a range of products for people looking to kit out a home gym.

The equipment, which includes a weight lifting bench, dumbbells and accessories, is up to half the price of rival high street retailers' products, the company claims.

For example, the store's new multi-functional and fully adjustable Weight Lifting Bench costs just £79.99, while a similar model from Adidas is £149.99.

"Discerning and health-conscious consumers are seeking more flexible ways of improving their fitness and so we are pleased to offer this great quality range of affordable home gym products," says Tony Baines, Aldi's joint managing director for corporate buying.

"The range provides customers the opportunity to get fit in the comfort of their own home without breaking the bank."

Other products include a portable, lightweight Suspension Trainer costing £12.99, which can be hooked on to a door to provide a cardiovascular and core strength workout.

There are boxing gloves or pads for £9.99 per pack, as well as a £12.99 Dumbbell Set and £19.99 trampette. Men's and ladies' fitness gloves are £4.99, with a sports mat for £12.99 and a sports towel at £4.99.

Aldi's 10kg Weight Plate Set is just £12.99, compared with £14.99 for Decathlon's similar Bar Discs Body Training set and £39.99 for Adidas's 10kg Weight Plate.

It's worth remembering, though, that there are plenty of other sources for low-cost gym equipment - particularly second-hand, as many people's good resolutions don't last for long.

On eBay, for example, an Adidas Multi-Purpose Bench can be had for well under £100, often with a set of weights thrown in.

The new range comes just a few weeks after the launch of Aldi's range of budget sportswear - timed to coincide with New Year's resolutions, no doubt. It included an exercise bike for £69.99 and a wireless activity tracker wristband for £24.99, as well as yoga gear and trainers.

But buyers of the new gym equipment will need to be fairly fast on their feet already: the range is one of the store's Specialbuys, and only available while stocks last.

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