Outrageous celebrity souvenirs for sale

Would you spend money on any of these things?

Outrageous Celebrity Souvenirs For Sale!

There's a long list of odd celebrity items that have been auctioned off for big money.

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1. Hair

Spending $12,000 on a lock of John Lennon's hair may seem mind boggling but someone actually did it!

2. French toast

In 2006 Justin Timberlake's half eaten French toast was bought by a super fan for a staggering $3,154. The fan later explained that she hadn't eaten, which makes us question what she has done with it!

3. Craft supplies

This specifically refers to a copy of 'American Needlework Treasures' that was previously owned by superstar Barbara Streisand. This handy book was sold for an undisclosed amount.

4. Air

​This wasn't just regular air bottled from the street, this was air that had been in the other-worldly presence of super couple Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. The jar of air was reportedly sold off for $530.

But the real question has to be, why do people actually spend money on these bizarre souvenirs from the celebrity world?

Turner Classic Movies host Ben Mankiewicz said: "The polite answer is that it connects them to the celebrity in some meaningful way. It's not a poster or a photo or a ticket stub from a concert."

A guitar once played by Elvis Presley recently sold at auction for £185,000 while Sting and Trudie Styler are set to make a fortune when they sell off a substantial amount of the art work in their home.

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