Freebie Friday: beat the freeze - get out and have fun for free

Free travel, hot drinks, Lego, attractions tickets and James Bond

Teenage Girl Wearing Warm Winter Clothes And Hat Blowing Snow In Studio
This weekend is set to freeze, sending millions of people shivering back to bed. But a bit of cold shouldn't stand in the way of free days out, free toys, free travel and free films - especially when there are free hot drinks to keep you going.

Free hot drink
Any help you can get with the freezing temperatures is going to be very useful, so why not snap up a free hot drink at Greggs. If you have a Greggs Reward card, you'll find a hot drink has been added to your credit, which you can spend on a coffee, tea or hot chocolate any time over the weekend.

Free ticket to attractions from Cadbury World to The Shard
To celebrate Leap Day on Monday, is giving away free tickets to top UK attractions to anyone who can prove they were born on 29 February. 'Leaplings' need to register on the website, and should get a ticket to a top UK attraction of their choice. The site has 50 tickets to give away, so it's worth acting fast.

Free travel
Getting out and about is always much easier when its free, and the users of have highlighted that for anyone with a Mastercard linked to Apple Pay, all travel in London will be free every Monday until 14 March.

Free Lego
Every month, Lego stores have a free build. It's on the first Thursday of the month, which falls on the 3rd in March, and runs after school (4pm-6pm) for those aged 6-14. This month Lego is celebrating Easter, so you get a free kit to build your own Lego bunny that you can take home for free.

Free Spectre DVD
It's great to get out and about, but if you really can't face the freezing temperatures, then you can at least enjoy a free copy of the most recent James Bond offering - Spectre. is offering 100% cash back to new members who buy the DVD on Amazon. To take advantage, you need to sign up on the website, find the offer, buy the DVD, and look forward to getting the entire cost refunded to your cashback account.

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Shopping: when spending more isn't always better