'One more ticket' turns lucky man into instant millionaire

Robert Amos won the jackpot on his third ticket

'One More Ticket' Turns Virginia Man Into Instant Millionaire
A man from Virginia hit the jackpot last week when he won $1 million dollars in the Virginia Lottery.

Robert Amos won the jackpot playing the lottery's 'All About the Benjamins' game. He said he won $10 with two tickets and then used the winnings from those two tickets to buy the million dollar ticket.

Amos took the cash option which is more than $500,000 before taxes.

Speaking of his win Amos said: "It takes your breath away." Adding: "Something inside me said this is going to be the one, the third time was a charm."

'All About the Benjamins' is a scratchcard games which offers prizes ranging from $10 to $1,000,0000 and Mr Amos was lucky enough to hit the top prize when he tried his hand.

Robert Amos is just the fifth person to win $1,000,000 from the game.

Last week one lucky player on in the UK Lottery managed to scoop a jackpot of more than £6 million.

Not only that, but as many as 60 people matched five of the numbers and took home winnings of £1,698.

Meanwhile a great grandmother from Nottinghamshire has dedicated her recent £100,000 scratchcard win to her faithful pet dog, Alfie.

Pauline Dunne was out walking her dog when she decided to invest in a scratchcard only to realise she had won the jackpot when she returned home.

She has since said she will be treating her three children and seven grandchildren, not to mention Alfie of course!

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