Man skipped work for six years and was still paid

Joaquín García worked at a water treatment plant in Spain

Man Skips Work for 6 Years, Still Gets Paid.

One lucky man has been found out after managing to skip work for six years without anyone noticing.

The man, Joaquín García, worked at a water treatment plant in Spain but he felt that there wasn't actually any work for his role to do, although he still needed to collect a pay cheque to support his family.

García said he was nervous at the prospect of trying to find a new job in his late sixties.

The company only figured out the mix up when they went to give him a 20 year service award.

Apparently the fellow would occasionally come into work and be in his office but he says he only actually used that space as a quiet place to study philosophy.

The town is currently suing him for slightly less than a year's salary so hopefully he has some savings hanging around.

García has also claimed that he was the victim of work place bullying as a result of his family's socialist politics.

Jorge Blas Fernández, the deputy mayor, told the Guardian: "He was still on the payroll, I thought where is this man? Is he still there? Has he retired? Has he died?"

The tribunal also found that water board believed the city council was responsible for García and vice-versa.

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