Freebie Friday: Spoil the family for free

Free Mother’s Day card, race tickets, DVD, baby wipes, turkey slices, pasta dish and NASA poster

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Mother's Day is just around the corner - so we have a free card in the mix this week. However, before we get down to the business of treating mum, there's still time to spoil the rest of the family for nothing - with everything from free DVDs for the kids, to turkey slices for hungry family members, and NASA posters for space fans.

Free Mothers' Day card
We have mentioned the freebies that are available for O2 users before - through the O2 Priority app. This week they are offering a free Mother's Day Card from Cardmarket. If you're not on O2, you don't have to switch in order to get the deals, you can just order a pay-as-you-go SIM, put it in any unlocked phone to download the app, and put it in again each time you want to update and look at new deals. As long as you do this through the WiFi it won't cost you anything.

Free day at the races
Ascot runs a free race day every year to encourage people to try the experience. You just visit the website, register, and book up to four free tickets. Alternatively you can pay a vastly reduced £13 for posher tickets. The users of say it's also well worth taking advantage of tours on the day to behind-the-scenes areas that are usually closed to racegoers.

Free NASA Poster
NASA has published a range of cool posters, imagining the planets and their moons as cool travel destinations of the future. The posters look brilliantly retro, and are available to download and print out for free - as long as you have a printer that can cope with it. Alternatively, you can order them from the store.

Free DVD
As it's half term, the Disney DVD BOGOF deal is in full swing. The users of point out that if you order through Tesco Direct, you'll get free delivery no matter how much you spend (although you'll have to pay for click and collect).

Free pasta dish
If you're a lasagna fan, you can get your hands on a free dish from Dolmio. All you have to do is buy two 500g jars of Dolmio pasta sauce from Iceland, and you'll get the dish thrown in for nothing. The jars are reduced at the moment too from £2 to £1.50 each.

Free baby wipes
Newish parents can get through mountains of baby wipes, so TopCashback is giving you a chance to get your hands on a huge multipack for nothing. New members just need to sign up, click on the deal, and buy the baby wipes. The total cost (up to the value of £10) will be refunded into your cashback account. The deal runs until 28 February.

Free turkey slices
You can get your hands on 100g of free Fire and Smoke turkey slices from Tesco. It's available from the deli counter, and after you've bought it, you'll need to take a photo of the receipt, and uploaded it to the Quidco ClickSnap site before 23 February. You'll get your money back in your cashback account.

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