Thrifty mum gives up loo roll to save money (and the planet)

Money saver shares her expert tips

Mom Saves $11K A Year By Not Buying Toilet Paper, Toothpaste

One Brighton mum says her eco-habits are saving her thousands of pounds a year - although she's admitted that loo roll might be a necessity after all.

Zoe Morrison, 36, says it's possible to make all sorts of basic products for yourself, or do without them at all. Over the last four years, she's switched to washing her hair with olive oil soap and growing her own vegetables, as well as going plastic free. She buys basics in bulk, freezes leftovers and even makes her own tea from herbs.

She reckons that giving up shampoo alone has saved £140 a year.

She and her family have installed solar panels and let out their garage, as well as selling everything they didn't need.

As for loo roll, however, Zoe only managed a month using water and a cloth. "It was good while it lasted, but I couldn't hack it long term," she says.

All the same, Zoe reckons her self-sufficiency saves her as much as £10,000 a year - and by taking in students as paying guests, it's meant she's been able to give up her job. She buys her clothes from charity shops - or makes them herself - and gets her children toys through swaps.

"As time has gone on, money has been less of a focus for me. Reducing my impact upon the environment and improving the health and happiness of myself and my family has taken priority," she says.

"I feel my life has changed significantly for the better. I can now spend my time concentrating on the things that are really important to me. I am more relaxed, happier, healthier and have lost around two stone in weight."

Zoe is now writing a book with practical advice on saving money and helping the environment; in the meantime, you can read her blog here.

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