Paintball sniper job on offer for £150 an hour

Are you a good shot?

Paintball sniper job on offer for £150 an hour

Do you think you're a bit of a dab hand with a paintball gun? Well for one lucky paintball fanatic, it could soon become more than a fun hobby.

Night Games Races is currently looking to recruit a 'hidden paintball sniper' to take part in their first night 'mud run', and the lucky staff member will be paid the handsome sum of £150 an hour.

The unusual role will include shooting glow in the dark paintballs at runners as they make their way through the sniper section of the obstacle course.

Night Games claims to be the 'world's first obstacle race series to be run exclusively at night'.

Participants in the ten mile race will be expected to face 10 foot walls, 20ft vertical ropes and skips full of ice.

Applicants will have to prove their worth before they're hired. They will be assessed by a trainer on the day who will verify their hit rate among other things.

The £150 an hour salary will be further boosted if the sniper manages to successfully shoot more than 80% of those taking part in the race.

This 'Supersniper' achievement bonus will mean an extra £1,000 is added to the sniper's paycheck.

Robert Mason, founder of Night Games Races said: "As the first obstacle race series to be run exclusively in the dark, the successful candidate will get to be a part of something new and exciting as well as getting paid a great wage to shoot at consenting moving targets!

"This job offer is a unique and once in a lifetime opportunity. Games like Star Wars: Battlefront, Battlefield and Call of Duty have trained millions of sharp shooters for us – we're just asking those same people – and others, of course – to experience shooting at moving targets for real for what is obviously a none-too-shabby wage!"

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You can find the full job listing on the Night Games Races website here.