Iceland recalls ribs over food poisoning risk

Packs have wrong storage instructions

Pack of of Jim Beam Bourbon Ribs

Iceland is recalling one of its frozen meals, warning that customers shouldn't eat it.

It says that 450g packs of Jim Beam Bourbon Ribs with a use-by date of 25 March 2017 have been labelled with the wrong storage instructions.

While the packs are actually meant to be stored in the freezer, the label reads: 'Chilled product, keep refrigerated'. And if the ribs were actually stored in the fridge until March, they'd be more than likely to spoil, potentially causing food poisoning.

Iceland says it is putting up signs by the check-outs in all its stores alerting customers to the recall; anybody who has bought the ribs is being told to contact their local store manager or call the company's customer care line on 01244 842842. They'll be given a full refund.

There's been concern in recent years that product recalls aren't always that effective. In the case of food items in particular, consumers often don't see the recall notice in time.

And even with durables such as household appliances, many customers don't register their purchases and so don't receive recall notices. Indeed, research has shown that a staggering 90% of recalled items - many potentially dangerous - are never taken back to the manufacturer.

A survey late last year by law firm Roythornes has revealed that nearly one in five food and drink companies lacks a proper plan for dealing with product recalls.

"The growing complexity of regulation and labelling requirements combined with the recent 'scandals' and incidents around food contamination has resulted in an increased sensitivity to food and drink product recalls," says Peter Bennett, head of the firm's food and drink team.

"While the food and drink sector has, on the whole, always been concerned with safety and its reputation, it needs to evolve rapidly to develop comprehensive recall plans in light of heightened media interest in recent years."

Consumers can keep an eye out for future recalls and safety notices at the Trading Standards website, here.

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