Lottery winners 'should emigrate' warns previous winner Michael Carroll

Martins warned they could face death threats or be kidnap targets

Lotto jackpot winners

One of the UK's most notorious lottery winners - Michael Carroll, who blew his winnings on drugs and prostitutes - has warned Britain's biggest ever jackpot winners that they could face scammers, death threats and even kidnapping.

David and Carol Martin, who live in Hawick, in the Scottish Borders, won a record-breaking £33 million in last week's Lotto draw. But, speaking to the Sunday Mirror, Carroll has suggested that they should consider moving abroad to avoid being targeted by greedy friends or criminals.

"This couple have said their daughter lives in Australia. My advice would be for them to emigrate there and start a new life. They won't be able to live a normal life in Hawick," he says.

"I gave £4 million to family and friends – but some people wanted more and weren't happy. Others who didn't get anything stopped talking to me. I received hundreds of thousands of begging letters from strangers too."

The Martins held one of two lucky tickets that shared the £66 million prize - and Carroll believes the other winner was right to remain anonymous. "The kind of money this couple have won is kidnapping money," he says.

He claims that he received death threats within a day of winning his £7.7 million prize, with one threatening to 'chop up' his daughter and send her back 'piece by piece'.

Carroll certainly didn't handle his own wealth well. Ten years after his 2002 win he was broke and working in a biscuit factory after blowing his winnings on drugs, parties and prostitutes.

He was given an ASBO for harassing his neighbours and was twice jailed for drugs offences and affray. He now works at a slaughterhouse, earning £400 a week and says he's gone from drinking two bottles of vodka a day to being teetotal.

Camelot is aware of how difficult things can be for winners, and offers them a lot of support, from investment advice to help with PR when they do decide to go public.

"We have a dedicated team of winners' advisers who look after all our major jackpot winners," it says. "They remain a source of support and advice for as long as a winner needs – often remaining in touch years after hitting the jackpot."

And it's worth remembering that most winners don't either blow the money or allow themselves to get ripped off. Figures from Camelot show that while previous winners have spent £680 million on luxuries like cars and holidays, they've spent £2.125 billion on investments designed to provide income and £1.615 billion on investments for children and the future.

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