Are you emotionally ready for retirement?

Tips on how to balance your financial and social life

Are You Emotionally Ready For Retirement?
There's a lot of information on how to be financially ready for retirement, but being emotionally ready is just as important.

It was recently revealed that as many as one in 10 adults believe they will never retire.

A study by the Co-op found that women were more likely to be put off retirement than men while one in five people over 50 said they worked longer because they liked their job.

So, having a social plan and being emotionally ready is vital for a happy retirement.

These tips for a happy retirement from Darrin Shannon, a retired professional ice hockey player who now works as a financial adviser, are perfect for those who are struggling with their new found freedom.

It's important to take the time enjoy activities that you enjoy with your friends and family.

During retirement there's a balancing act that goes on, one part is financial while at the same time having a strong social network of people that you can meet up with.

Whether it's a quick lunch or an afternoon taking part in an activity, whatever your social endeavour is, it's just as important to have a healthy social life as it is to have a strong financial plan in place.

Set aside a specific time each week to do this, whether it means meeting friends for a coffee or taking part in an activity together, spending time doing this will add a sense of balance and schedule to retired life.

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