German syndicate win €4 million in Spanish lottery

The group played using the UK site, Lottoland

German syndicate win 4 million in Spanish lottery
There's plenty of hype surrounding the National Lottery in the UK at the moment given that the current jackpot is yet to be won, meaning that it rolls over to £60 million on Saturday.

But the UK lottery isn't the only one to be garnering more than a little attention. A syndicate in Germany was lucky enough to win a grand prize of €4 million after Christmas.

However, this huge prize didn't come from the German lottery as you might think, the group took home the money from the Spanish Christmas Lottery.

The syndicate, from Wolfsburg, won the grand prize by betting on the results online through the UK betting site, Lottoland.

A spokesman for the syndicate said: "I received Lottoland's email notification and then I double checked it on the website. I had butterflies in my stomach. I simply could not believe it. We're somewhat stunned by it all, but in a good way."

He added: "Why stop playing? Especially now after things went so well!" The group has said that they are now looking into lotteries in a number of other countries as well including the American Powerball and MegaMillions.

TV presenter Chris Tarrant is a Lottoland brand ambassador and said: "Happy New Year to our five fabulous winners in Wolfsburg."

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